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Re: [tlug] Introducing Detaxe group

Le samedi 6 septembre 2008, Godwin Stewart a écrit :

> absolutely unambiguous about this, and yet retailers ignore it totally.
And are "forced" to ignore it, as they won't get hardware without OEM.
Microsoft partners OEM program says explicitely to sell windows with every 
computer. It's a "walk or die". 

> What happened to the action that was being led by the DGCCRF, where they
> were asking people to get written proof from retailers that they were
> refusing to sell harware without software or even to give the detail of
> hardware and software on the bill/pro-forma?
DGCCRF doesn't get anywhere. OEM contracts have nothing to do with them, and 
there's some hardware builders pressures that they clearly hear. They rather 
take this as an acceptable(???) exception and wait it to regulate by itself.
Meanwhile consumers group understood the problem and even system builders 
acknoledge there is a problem ! (Many thanks to Vista, that no customer 

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