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[tlug] Introducing Detaxe group

Dear Everyone,

My name is Francois Cartegnie, I'm an active member of the French "Detaxe" 
Group, which is part of the French AFUL. One of the founders of this group is 
the famous (for his anti Microsoft positions and book) Roberto Di Cosmo.

We're working against linked sales of (mainly) windows operating system with 
hardware. Our objective is to allow every consumer and company to have the 
choice to buy hardware and only hardware, whithout being forced to pay a 
licence for software he don't want or won't use.

Readers of slashdot might have heard of our recent success in France. Major 
consumers groups are suing retailers and system builders. Even the prime 
minister had words about it.

Currently in Tokyo until the end of the month, I think It might be interesting 
to introduce "what we did" and "how we did it" to the community in Japan.

Surprisingly, the head of the group is also somewhere, not that far, in Japan. 
He might join too.


Francois Cartegnie

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