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Re: [tlug] Peripheral hardware hunting

Curt Sampson wrote:
Personally, at this point I always use a Japanese physical layout, if
possible, but use a logical layout similar to a US layout with a few
extensions. In particular, these are:

    - swap left ctrl and caps lock
    - swap esc and backquote/tilde (zenkaku/hankaku on keytop)
    - yen/vbar keytop produces tilde/yen
    - backslash/underscore keytop produces underscore/underscore
    - two keys on right of space bound to window manager drop-down menus

The purpose of the third and fourth items is just to make typing a
little more convenient, by avoiding some shifts and longer reaches.

Ahh, I see you are a pair programming master, "The Fox and the Stork"[1].



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