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Re: [tlug] Permissions are like Rubik's cubes [SOLVED]

Tod McQuillin writes:

 > Unix filesystem semantics can be confusing sometimes, for example when you 
 > have allocated inodes with allocated storage space associated with them 
 > but no directory anywhere pointing to them (i.e. files which have been 
 > unlinked but which are still in use).

"Damn, I'm sure I deleted that 2GB log file!  Why don't I have any
space?!!!"  D'oh, Steve. :-)

 > For example, given the case above where a file has been unlinked, do you 
 > know how to find out with 100% certainty which process is holding a 
 > reference to the largest unlinked file?

I would think lsof should give you that (modulo race conditions, of

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