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Re: [tlug] Permissions are like Rubik's cubes

On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 19:09:20 +0900, Dave M G <> wrote:

> Weird. Or at least I think so. How can you have a file that you have the 
> ability to delete or rewrite, but can't change its permissions settings, 
> or who owns it? Surely if I can delete it, then it's a copy that I 
> should be able to do pretty much anything else to ...?
> How do I get control of these files?

This is filesystems 101.

The filesystem on these pen drives usually a FAT filesystem on which
there's no such concept as file ownership and permissions.

Simply add the required dmask, fmask, uid and gid options to your fstab
(consult man mount to see what options are avaible to vfat and fat

Alternatively, reformat the pen drive as an ext2/3 filesystem and you'll be
able to use permissions.

G. Stewart -

Why is it that people say they slept like a baby when babies wake up every 
two hours?

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