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Re: [tlug] Re: Post my article on

Josh Glover wrote:
On 24/07/07, Dave M G <> wrote:

Failing approval at, which is where I'm at now, another idea
was to post it somewhere on, and then hopefully gain attention
for the article by submitting it to Digg, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, and
similar places.

I'm not sure how TLUG goes about making decisions, so let me know if
this is something the group is interested in, and how to go about it.

Well, the first step is to post the article at a temporary URL so that the members have a chance to review it and make sure it is something that everyone agrees should be hosted on (I seriously doubt this will be a problem).

Maybe not the right place to mention but here goes:

There is also discussion going on among the TPC execs about getting it up on where it can be picked up by APCUG servers. If there is some way to cooperate on this, let us know. The point man will probably be Ken Cotton as he was the guy who inspired Dave to write the article in the first place ... and since Dave is to blame for Ken staying up late to get a working dual-boot on his laptop.


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