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Re: [tlug] Re: [OT] Say _no_ to the Microsoft Office format as an ISO standard

On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 12:49 +0900, Josh Glover wrote:
> On 09/07/07,
> <> wrote:
<cut cut cut>
> > As for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  They do some good but
> > they do a lot of bad.  Democracy Now ran some news on it a few months
> > back, (they are pretty far left but you need some balance to go with the
> > rest of the news) that showed the Gate foundation donates to pharms and
> > others causing harm more than 10 X the amount they give to the poor. The
> > same went for Buffet and the rest.  The only reason mentioned was that
> > those investments had a good return rate.
> I have more of a bone to pick with Big Pharma than most, but I would
> really question your data.
Investment in oil companies and drug companies
According to a January 7 2007 Los Angeles Times article, the foundation
invests large amounts of money in companies whose behavior counters the
foundation's charitable goals.[18] Examples include oil companies such
as Eni and drug companies who withhold medications from the developing
world. According to the article, many other foundations behave
similarly. In response, the foundation first announced a systematic
review of all of its investments to determine whether it should consider
divestment from some companies.[19] Later, it revoked this pledge[20]
and said it would continue its current practices.[21]

In a May 4 story, the Los Angeles Times again reported a conflict
between the foundation investment policies and charitable goals. [8] In
this case the issue was Darfur and PetroChina, an oil company in which
Gates trustee Warren Buffett owns a large stake via his Berkshire
Hathaway company. PetroChina's parent companies is heavily invested in
oil extraction in the Sudan.

The above is straight from the wiki article. (Dafur and Sudan should
send a shudder up your spine).

the above 2 seem kinda counter to be but you be the judge.
the other dave

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