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Re: [tlug] Re: [OT] Say _no_ to the Microsoft Office format as an ISO standard

While normally hard to disagree with much that Josh has to say. 
(But no I am not a gnome developer-actually I use KDE :) )
> When they first created DOS, it WAS Gates that did most of
> the work on that project.  
Created? Actually bought it was a shareware version from my
> He programmed like a man possessed.
> His contract said that if he left IBM, he could take his code
> with him.  That is what he did.  Nothing illegal, and if you
> look at it in a certain light, the immorality of it also comes
> into question.
Like buying a product from a figure head that may have not even had the
right to sell DOS him in the first place.

As for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  They do some good but
they do a lot of bad.  Democracy Now ran some news on it a few months
back, (they are pretty far left but you need some balance to go with the
rest of the news) that showed the Gate foundation donates to pharms and
others causing harm more than 10 X the amount they give to the poor. The
same went for Buffet and the rest.  The only reason mentioned was that
those investments had a good return rate.

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