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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu versions

On 26/04/07, Brian Chandler <> wrote:
Thanks for the help the other day on package dependencies and
printers... um, still not there, but eventually I read Dave M G's
message _properly_, and it does say this works on version 'E' (sorry, no
space in my brain for the hyper-twee  silly version names). I started
out a month or two ago, and read that there was 6.06 ('D'), stable,
supported, stuff like that, or 6.10 ('E'), bleeding edge. Well I
obviously chose 6.06, and at some trouble got hold of CD version from
the UK. Everything works so far, except the Canon printer problem.

But now I see everyone talking about two versions later than the
"stable" one in March! I assumed "stable" meant this would be the, um
stable version, for at least the next year or so - have I misunderstood?
I don't have a real feel for how big a job it is to upgrade (or rather,
how big it would be once I had started to invest time in setting various
things up the way I want them). Should I just stop being silly, and move
to 'F' already?

In theory all the releases (5.04, 5.10, 6.06, 6.10 & 7.04) are stable. The development branch is currently Gutsy Gibbon. The difference between 6.06 and the rest is in the support. 6.04 will be supported for 3-5 years (I forget the exact number), but the others are only supported for 18 months.
Also versions can only be upgraded in sequence, but LTS (Long Term Support) versions can be upgraded to the next LTS version, skipping the one in between.

The only thing that might affect stability is the fact that there was an extra 2 months of bug-fixing done for 6.06, but those bug-fixes found their way into 6.10 anyway. So in some respects 6.06 can be viewed as 6.10 without some new features.

As a result, for Desktop systems, the latest version is usually the best. For most servers 6.06 will do.

So as in answer to your question: Go 'F' yourself! ^_^


PS the only big change in 6.10 over 6.06 was that they replaces the init system with upstart running in compatibility mode.

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