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[tlug] Ubuntu versions

Thanks for the help the other day on package dependencies and printers... um, still not there, but eventually I read Dave M G's message _properly_, and it does say this works on version 'E' (sorry, no space in my brain for the hyper-twee silly version names). I started out a month or two ago, and read that there was 6.06 ('D'), stable, supported, stuff like that, or 6.10 ('E'), bleeding edge. Well I obviously chose 6.06, and at some trouble got hold of CD version from the UK. Everything works so far, except the Canon printer problem.

But now I see everyone talking about two versions later than the "stable" one in March! I assumed "stable" meant this would be the, um stable version, for at least the next year or so - have I misunderstood?
I don't have a real feel for how big a job it is to upgrade (or rather, how big it would be once I had started to invest time in setting various things up the way I want them). Should I just stop being silly, and move to 'F' already?

Brian Chandler
ps: found some very useful stuff on mail/spam problems in this list. Maybe questions later.

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