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Re: [tlug] RE: Tshirts

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 23:32:22 +0900
From: "Uva Coder" <>
Subject: Re: [tlug] RE: Tshirts
To: "Tokyo Linux Users Group" <>
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On 4/20/07, Kenneth Burling <> wrote:

I would be willing to work with someone to figure out how to handle an exchange of funds for postage. If you know anyone on a military base, it would be cheaper, as the ship may be underway when shipping becomes

No worries. I can send it NPS from NAF Atsugi when the time comes.

Zev, put me down for an XL as well. :)


Uva, Which command are you with, or are you a contractor? :P Would kinda suck if we got funds exchanged, and delivery planned, and then we both get deployed. :P

How much will the shirts be, and what options do you have available for payment?

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