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[tlug] audio editing and streaming

A perceptive student noticed that I record my lectures and asked that
I upload them.  OK ... but 75-100MB MP3s put a burden on both my and
most students' resources.  I've tried a couple of OSS editors like
snd, without much immediate joy.  I'm thinking that students would
also like to fastforward past the parts they've already grokked, which
is much easier on the bandwidth if it's a matter of not clicking on
the link in the first place.

What do people use for editing audio streams?  My requirements are

1.  MP3 output (compression and I doubt most students can handle OGG)
2.  automatic gap (silence) removal (bonus points for trashing
    "uuuummm" and "anooooo")
3.  cut and splice "in the large" (I'd like to match 30-300 sec MP3s
    with slides) and in the small (manual gap removal)
4.  bonus points for noise suppression

How about streaming over the web?  Does anybody have experience with
audiocasting?  Is there a ToC feature making it possible for 'cast
users to just grab the parts they want?

Does anybody have experience with distribution of time-value material
via bittorrent?  (I'm thinking about the 48-hour period receding an
exam....)  It looks easy, but I wonder under what conditions the users
complain.  We also have the infamous Scuba-Dive Packet Filcher to
contend with; if my clients aren't going to be able to upload, there's
no point in bittorrent, I guess.

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