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Re: [tlug] audio editing and streaming

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:21:56 +0900, "Stephen J. Turnbull"
<> wrote:

> 1.  MP3 output (compression and I doubt most students can handle OGG)

You should try Apple Quicktime (.m4a). The AAC codec used is easily
20% more efficient than mp3 - ie: you get the same quality with a
128kbps AAC stream as with a 160kbps mp3 stream - and almost everyone
can play it back.

> 2.  automatic gap (silence) removal (bonus points for trashing
>     "uuuummm" and "anooooo")

I don't know of any automatic tool to do that. audacity lets you do it
manually, though.

> 3.  cut and splice "in the large" (I'd like to match 30-300 sec MP3s
>     with slides) and in the small (manual gap removal)

audacity can do that. Use markers and tell it to slice the data on the
markers and output individual files.

> 4.  bonus points for noise suppression

It also has a filter for doing that.

audacity can output mp3, ogg or wav data. You can then use ffmpeg to
transcode it to mpeg-4/aac and ffserver (part of ffmpeg, but I've never
used it myself) to stream it over the 'Net.

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