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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

On 4/22/07, Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:

experience on this topic!  For example, when I mentioned the
overpricing issue several years ago, one member of the group commented
"You might as well say they are underpricing their product" and went
on to "explain" why the world really is flat.

While not being that person, I would comment about what I have currently experienced. The estimates that I have been given last week state that a window server solution is cheaper than a RedHat solution on the same hardware in year one and moving on. The estimates were from well-known suppliers here in Tokyo. Which solution would be better from a budget standpoint? <no reply necessary>

Btw a Solaris solution on slightly more expensive hardware is also
cheaper than a RedHat solution. It's that damn RH entitlement fee that
kills us.

Sorry to digress.

Groan!  Not the "perception is reality" line of thinking!  You have a
point, but I would say that reality is reality, functionality is
functionality, and when something bad is viewed as something good, and
something good is seen as something bad, this is not reality - it's
neanderthalism!  It's misunderstanding the world.  Still, marketing is
not to be ignored....

Nope. Hmm, it might be better viewed from relationship standpoint. Brands have a relationship aspect, but since I forget what we're talking about. ;) Like my last post this morning, I'm not fully awake.


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