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Re: [tlug] Bluetooth headset installation [SOLVED]


Oh yeah! Bluetooth is working now, and I've just tested that I can use it with Skype! Nice.

So, here's the deal. Bluetooth is much improved in Feisty. Instructions I was using before has been outdated, and it's much more automatic now. This is what I did to get it to install:

First I referenced the instructions here:

I put in the dongle, it flashed blue and indicated it was working.

1. Installed the relevant packages:
sudo aptitude install bluez-passkey-gnome bluez-btsco
(The instructions only call for the passkey application, but I know from some experimentation that the btsco package is also needed)

2. The instructions said to add "bt-applet" to my session, but in my session manager I already had "Bluetooth Manager" installed, so I left it as is.

3. I didn't touch any hcid.conf settings, so I skipped the instruction to "restore" it. But I did clear out any settings, as advised, with this:
rm -r /var/lib/bluetooth/*

4. restarted bluetooth:
sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

5. At this point the instructions said to try pairing, but I did and nothing happened. On another forum (I read a *lot* of forum posts about this), a guy said rebooting helped, so I did that. I left my Bluetooth dongle in the USB port.

6. When I got back from my reboot, there was a new Bluetooth icon (The stylized "B" symbol) in my Gnome panel. That looked promising. I right clicked it and looked at the preferences, but there didn't seem to be anything that needed changing.

7. So I enabled "pairing mode" on my earpiece (by holding down power for 6 seconds), and then after a slightly stressful pause, a screen popped up asking for a PIN number. I hit "1234", which seems to be the default, and it said I was connected!

8. I opened up Skype, and went ito Tools->Options->Sound Devices. In the "Audio In", "Audio Out", and "Ringing" drop down menus, I had two devices now. One was my soundcard, and the other was "BT Headset". So of course I selected "BT Headset" for the "in" and "out" options, and called the Skype testing service.

9. I sat back and enjoyed Skype via Bluetooth.


Thanks to everyone who helped, and I hope these instructions can be of use to someone else in the future.

Dave M G
Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
Kernel 2.6.20-15-generic
Pentium D Dual Core Processor

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