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Re: [tlug] OT:dual core CPUs

>> Could I expect to get a
>> dual-core (1GB memory, 80G HD, on-board video, etc.) machine for under
>> 50,000 yen?
> ...
> Athlon X2 3600 / AMD 690G / 160GB HD / 1GB RAM for 52,800 yen

Thanks Stephen, and Scott.

The Athlon X2 3600 is 1.9Ghz, the Intel T7200 is 2Ghz, and the Intel
E6300 is 1.86Ghz. This may be the dumb question of the day, but doesn't
that make them slower than my Celeron 2.8Ghz (assuming I'm running a
single-threaded application)? Or rephrasing, if I think my application
can manage to run 1.5 times faster with two cores, then 1.9Ghz dual core
is the same as 2.85Ghz single core. Am I about to be snagged by the
AMD/Intel marketing hype and get something that runs slower than the
40,000 yen box powered by a Celeron 3Ghz?


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