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Re: [tlug] MythTV Workshop

On 4/12/2007, "" <> wrote:

>but I wonder if it's the same presentation, as the slides make it look like a
>long process (and mention a need for time, patience, persistence, courage,
>time, and time).

The slides involved doing it the hard way. During the presentation Q&A,
someone in the audience mentioned knoppmyth (he may actually have been
the maintainer; I didn't catch that part b/c I came in late, but he
sounded like he way. In any case, the website owner does live in the
greater LA area, so it could have been him).

The knoppmyth box he was running had multiple tuner cards in it (4 or 5,
something like that) and it sounded like knoppymyth was pretty much a
pour-it-in-and-it-works way to get a Myth box.

WRT a later post on Myth assumptions that you're using a dedicated box,
one reason for that may be that encoding/decoding takes up a tremendous
amount of CPU if you're using a card that doesn't have a hardware
encoder on it. With such a setup, doing Myth and something else could
make both of those things less than satisfying.

If I wanted a PVR, I would definitely build a dedicated Myth box, but if
I just wanted to dabble, a TV card in my regular workstation would be
enough to satisfy me too, I think.


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