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Re: [tlug] MythTV Workshop

...make it look like a
long process
What I've noticed about most MythTV discussions and tutorials, is they seem to all assume that not only are you making a dedicated machine for the purpose, but they also want to cover everything from purchasing hardware through installing Linux and everything else. They want to tell you about partitions and permissions. They also want to set up MythTV to do everything from watching TV to surfing the web to making espresso.

Really MythTV is just another application, so if you're running Linux already, setting up MythTV is just a matter of downloading it from the repositories. I currently only use it for watching television and AVI files. And I kind of think this is the way to go... start it up and run with it a bit to get used to it. Later on get ambitious and maybe use it for web surfing or internet telephony. When I get my friend's old computer and use it as a dedicated Myth machine, the only other aspiration I have for it besides TV is music.

The trickiest part of the most basic installation is the drivers for the TV input card. It seems to be the one thing out of the process that you can't simply download and install from the repositories. But it's not so hard, just tedious. And it has much improved since when I first tried it.

So bottom line is that if you want to make MythTV your be all and end all entertainment media system right from the word go, then it will probably be a long process. But if you want to just try it out, it's not so bad.

Dave M G
Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
Kernel 2.6.20-14-generic
Pentium D Dual Core Processor

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