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Re: [tlug] Database design in Japan. (question)

On 4/5/07, Curt Sampson <> wrote:
I assume you're talking about products along the lines of

    electronics / computer / cpu / intel / ...
    electronics / computer / printer / ...
    electronics / digital-camera / dslr / ...
    home-appliances / kitchen / ...

The method you described doesn't seem all *that* bad compared to many of
the DBMS atrocities I've seen, especially given that trees and graphs
in general are, well, let us be generous, "not well supported" in
current relational models. Still, if each product has one and only one
category, just having a key into a table containing each of the entries
above would be more normalized; for multiple categories per product, a
product_id / category_id table would be the equivalant.

To speak from the conclusion, that design is not bad at all: it is simple follows from the KISS rule.

BAB is a coder, he writes code, makes DB designs while the dicision
makers may not know well of them. The better design, the easier coding
we can get. But in Japan, the situation is different: we do what we
are told, we can persuade/propose better solutions as much as we can
but once denied, give-up and forget them is the only thing we can do
:D. hehe, don't get frustrated and/or stressed :D

Best Regards,
Nguyen Hung Vu
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