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Re: [tlug] Introduction: OpenSolaris

On 4 avr. 07, at 23:01, Jim Grisanzio wrote:

Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:
On 4 avr. 07, at 17:52, Jim Grisanzio wrote:
Hello ...

I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm the Community Manager on the OpenSolaris project, and I moved to Japan about 8 months ago from San Francisco. I focus on community development issues globally, but in reality that's a pretty big place so I'm trying to spend most of my time in Asia. Perhaps you wouldn't mind if I came to some meetings and met you guys? I'd love to share experiences. I think we in the OpenSolaris community have learned a lot from the Linux community and other Open Source communities, and I'd love to talk about that.
I see that you were at the Open Source Conference. Did you like it there ? It seems like Beginet is working a huge lot to promote FOSS and their communities. I've been trying to participate to OSC whenever I could last year and I met a huge number of very nice people. I think OSC (to which a number of TLUG people participate too, I think) is one of the best meeting places around: small scale/community centered. I'll be trying to join them this year as well, to promote OmegaT and localization efforts in FOS communities.

Hi ...

Yes, I was there with some of our Java and OpenSolaris guys here from Sun. I didn't have time to attend too many sessions, though, and my Japanese is, ah, rather weak right now. :) But we had some good sessions and we started a new OpenSolaris User Group, too. And I met a lot of interesting people. In general, I'm interested in finding out about all the FOSS events in Japan. I can't attend them all, of course, but everything's new to me so I need to find out what's out there.

There were three Sun people at my presentation: Shinya Ogino (who did not seem very impressed to say the least ;) and Reiko Saito as well as Hiroko Matano. Both Reiko and Hiroko came back the day after, zigzagging between the SUN presentations and I managed to organize a demonstration just for them. It was very stimulating to discuss with them. Reiko works on l10n QA for Japanese - I had met her on the OOo- ja lists previously - and Hiroko manages the l10n tool chain (at least that is my understanding) and the question basically was: why do people use OmegaT rather than Sun's own OpenLanguageTools, especially within Sun's communities (NetBeans for one). We had a nice chat and I think the demo convinced them more than the presentation the day before (I must improve my presentation skills...)

Anyway, hope you find the time to learn Japanese, it is really a fun language to use !


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