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Re: [tlug] how filesystem works?

Darren Cook writes:

 > IMHO, for the rest of us, it is a waste of effort. (Though, out of
 > habit, I still usually do; and with modern large disks I just guess high
 > on the /var requirements.)

IOW, it's very low amount of effort to set up, even if you go and plan
it fairly carefully, and (unless something goes wrong) you won't have
to maintain it at all.

I dunno.  My computers store a fairly large amount of my life.  I want
to know that they're healthy, or if they're going south on me.  df(1)
is like taking your blood pressure; you generally don't really know
what it means, but you know what the normal figures are for you and if
there's a big change, you want to know why.  Similarly for stuff like

If you don't have /var split out, it's like not knowing the balance
between HDL cholesterol and the overall level.

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