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[tlug] Picasa for Linux

Google Labs has released Picasa for Linux (x86 only). Picasa is their free photo organizing/editing/sharing tool which has previously been available only on Windows. Rather than making a "native" application, they bundle a modified version of Wine (and the Gecko engine) with the application.

On my Fedora Core 3 system, it works, but is rather fragile. I've had it crash a couple of times in under an hour of playing with it. (Once when just scrolling through the library of photos it successfully found while scanning my disks... resulting in a "Fatal Error" dialog box that was otherwise empty. Once where it seemed to completely confuse my X11 display, resulting in a variety of pretty colored bars rather than the larger image display I was hoping for.) I also don't like some of the UI decisions, but I presume they may just be "Windowsisms" that I am unfamiliar with. I appreciate that they are acknowledging the Linux users, but it doesn't feel ready for use.

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