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Re: [tlug] Picasa for Linux

Jim Tittsler wrote:

Google Labs has released Picasa for Linux (x86 only). Picasa is their free photo organizing/editing/sharing tool which has previously been available only on Windows. Rather than making a "native" application, they bundle a modified version of Wine (and the Gecko engine) with the application.

On my Fedora Core 3 system, it works, but is rather fragile. .....

Thanks for mentioning this!  I immediately went to the site and noticed
that there are three versions of it - one for RedHat & SuSE, one for
Debian & Ubuntu, and one for everything else.  I downloaded the one for
SuSE and installed it onto SuSE 9.3 with no problems.  I appreciate the
way the necessary components for a successful install are bundled into
the one download.  EditPad Pro for Linux works that way too, and works
very nicely.  As for whether Picasa is going to work well on my
computer, I haven't had a chance to try it - for the past hour it's been
going over my hard drive, finding all graphic images and... what?
Indexing them I guess?  I've never used Picasa before, so I don't know
what its features are yet, beyond it being an organizer of image files.
I'll report back later on how it works, but so far it's looking okay.


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