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Re: [tlug] New ultra-small hardware from Sony

Josh Glover wrote:
On 17/05/06, Joe Larabell <larabell@???> wrote:

A quick flip through the manual reveals that this stereo system has some
sort of Linux O/S on it [...]

Yeah, Sony makes heavy use of Linux in their consumer electronics.
Most PS2 (and presumably, PS3) game developers use Linux as a
development platform, because the dev kit is supposed to be much more
useful under Linux. And let's not forget the Linux kit that Sony sold
in Japan back in 2001.

Sony might be shady, but at least they are not anti-Linux. :)

I bought a Vaio a couple of years ago out of desperation. I had a lot of private clients for English teaching, and my notebook broke down before a really busy week, so off to Best Denki. I should have bought a bare-bones Dell for less yen, but the screen was just to beautiful.

Other than the fact that I can't get the keyboard out to put in a bigger HDD, I love it. In fact, just this past weekend, I bought a membership to RHN ($50 with academic discount) and downloaded RHEL4 server (no distro wars, please... I use RHEL at work, and I really need to get more proficient at it) and put it on my Vaio dual-booting with XP using RH's default install of Grub on the MBR. Not a problem. Everything went really smoothly.

Now I have a Linux notebook environment with 1400x1040 resolution with a true-black, high-gloss screen. KDE looks really stunning. This is the first time I have seen the Linux desktop on nice hardware with a nice screen. Also, RH did the Vaio's built-in second monitor thing right from the get-go. No tweaking needed.


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