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Re: [tlug] New ultra-small hardware from Sony

On Tuesday, May 16, 2006, at 08:58PM, Joe Larabell <larabell@???> wrote:

>> On 5/17/06, Joe Larabell <larabell@???> wrote:
>> > on this beast. At only \17,000, it might be worth a try.
>> No, no, no -	17???? is ca 170000 Yen
>Yeah, I saw that on closer inspection. The guy who sent me the link (in 
>English) dropped a decimal point. Needless to say, I'm disappointed...
>Sorry to anyone who may have been drinking coffee while reading...

Cheap, Sony, and price don't seem to correlate really well at all from my experience.   Proprietary, bastards, sony, drivers might be good keywords to use in a sentence though  :)

I wish the Linux hackers the best of luck porting to that Sony platform.  I've written off Sony as far too much trouble to get Linux running on.

*negativity hat on*
If Sony put any weird hardware in there as they I imagine they probably have... by the time the Linux hackers have a nice and useable system, we'll all be using foldable displays.
*negativity hat off*


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