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Re: [tlug] New ultra-small hardware from Sony

> ... Proprietary, bastards, sony, drivers might be good keywords to use 
> in a sentence though  :)

Hmmm... you could be right. I forgot for a moment that they were the ones 
doctoring music CDs to install spyware. They probably put something in the 
bios to erase the HD if anyone tries to boot Linux ;-)...

I almost forgot to report something interesting that happened to me this 
weekend. My stereo had crapped out a while back so I went shopping for 
another one. I bought one of those fancy new ones that includes a HDD for 
saving a massive number of CDs for later replay (oddly enough, it was a 
Sony). As I was flipping through the pile of paperwork that came with it, 
a copy of the GPL license, in both English and Japanese, fell out.

A quick flip through the manual reveals that this stereo system has some 
sort of Linux O/S on it, although I have yet to figure out whether you can 
actually 'log in' to a shell of any sort or if the O/S is encapsulated by
the Sony apps completely.

Anyway, it was quite a surprise. So far it's working pretty good (as a 
stereo, not as a computer ;-)...

Joe Larabell -- Synopsys VCS Support      US:   Japan: larabell@???

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