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Re: [tlug] MySQL 4.1.15, or MySQL 5.0?

Josh Glover wrote:

Just be willing to back up your statements with references. That way,
readers can form their own opinions based on the same reading that you



I surely didn't intend to spark an argument on php. I'm sorry if my views were seen as such.

I've only done a little work in php4 and haven't even touched 5. However my php teacher chose to teach 4 instead of 5 stating that the changes in 5 made most code done in 4 break. He said that it was a major re-design with OOP bing the large difference. I haven't really gotten into OOP under 4, so I don't really know what is there and what's not.

In addition this Wednesday I was at a Sys Admin meeting and we were all seeing a presentation on Nagios and varrious configuration and monitoring tools, but the author of Fruity

one such configuration tool. He stated that it will only work with php5 as he simply had to have the OOP to create it. So if you want fruity you have to have 5. I thought fruity looked nice and the software he unveiled later looked even better (pretty expensive stuff, but with a $16,000 price tag on the premium version; there is a open source version, but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles) but it's really only nessicary for monitoring truely huge opeartions.

Myself I think I'll play with Nagios sometime soon and configure to send me text messages if anything goes down on any of my handful of servers. I understand it can even watch the couple win servers that I administer and need lots of TLC (ie rebooting).

I really like perl. I'm not fond of OOP, perhaps I should be. I rather like php for web use. I had programmed in C, C++, Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic (at least the Access version), Assembly and even raw machine code. Most of these I haven't programmed in for some time. My php class got interrupted by personal matters and I was unable to complete it. I wanted to take a class in it to be well rounded for writing in the language as I've already done quite a bit of work in it without any formal training.

Most of my programming these days relates to databases or web sites. I also find myself directing a php programmer on a very elaborate web interface. I love to program although it seems I get to do it less and less these days. I don't consider myself a linux guru, but I do love to do projects in it. I've never programmed in a normal windows platform; access visual basic being the exception.

This is all probably way to much information. I assume the other person discussing php has been programming in the language very actively and probably well exceeds my skills in the language. My first experience with php was elaborating on someone else's code after a one day on-the-job cram session of the language using internet resources.

I think it's pretty funny that when I modify code that I wrote years ago I can't help but think "what idiot wrote this?"

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