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Re: [tlug] Seeking Information... (Jim, Yo' the Man, Bro!)

Jim wrote:

Actually, I didn't mean that the heat would damage the capacitors,

Of course not. The capacitors are dead, junk, kaput. It's quite acceptable to destroy bad capacitors when removing them. It never occurred to me that someone would worry about damaging already bad capacitors.

I was referring to the new ones being soldered in, not the old ones
being taken out, and more to the point, I was referring to damaging the
circuit board, not the (new) capacitors.  Don't bend over backwards to
be nasty Jim, what point does it serve?

By the way - and I asked you this before and received no answer - which specific "many many" "prestigious high-quality" manufactures are you referring to?

I wasn't referring to any specific manufacturers, because the problem is so broad. Yes, it's that bad. You can do your own searching on the web to confirm this. Interesting key words are capacitors, espionage, bulged, motherboard, Japanese, and Taiwan. Explore. It'd probably be easier to provide a list of boards that are known to _not_ have the problem. (No, I'm not going to supply such a list.)

Why not? You *do* have specific experience do you not? Or did you get all of your general information about this from Wikipedia? If you actually do have specific information - which I'm beginning to believe you don't - it would be very useful if you shared that information!

Specific manufacture[r]s and models would be much appreciated by everyone who regularly buys used equipment!

The problem is so broad, that there is no such list. Even if there was such a list, it would be of little use. Look at the condition of the caps, not the name on the box.

Computer manufacturers get supplies from many of the same places - if it
is true that an overwhelming majority of computer manufacturers bought
exploding capacitors, then an effort should be made to find out where
those capacitors came from and which manufactures bought them.

Generalizations (many many) are of no use whatsoever!

A very broad and useful generalization is that all motherboards since the late 1990s are suspect.

If it's true that 100% of all computer manufactures used defective
capacitors in their 1999 and 2000 machines, that suggests that there is
only one supplier of capacitors for the entire world - which is highly
unlikely, although not entirely impossible.  Again, an effort to go
upstream and obtain information about the source of the capacitors would
be of enormous help to those who buy used computers.

Anyway, yo' the man Jim!  I do take it that you're not a buyer of used
computers, or you would probably be more interested in getting to the
bottom of this!


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