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Re: [tlug] BB Routers v non-BB Routers

Jim <> wrote:
> Most of what you said about BB routers sounds very generic and 
> like typical behavior of non-BB routers. 
> What distinction do you draw between BB routers and non-BB routers? 

Oh, I'm just using that as a shorthand for routers targeted for home use,
which tends to have similar feature sets (e.g. simple web interface,
dhcp client/server, PPPoE client, out-of-box default with an IP address)
and cheap price, versus something you'd use in an office or ISP (like
Cisco), with different features (e.g. VLAN, VPN, command line interface).

That is not to say, you can't get VLAN with a BB router; maybe there's
one out there that supports it.


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