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[tlug] Networking with an ADSL Router

Thanks for various clarifications, but still hoping for a suggestion for cookbook answers or recommended study course.

And to answer Jim's second reply:

>When you say that you "have a YahooBB adsl connection and a four
>port router", are your DSL modem and four port router separate
>boxes, or are the DSL modem and four port router combined in one box?

I had to buy a little 3000 yen router to plug into the ADSL modem, so yes it is a separate box.

And I have to use DHCP to get my internet connectivity beyond the router, right?

To answer the earlier request to do my homework, I have tried to read five different book sections about setting up this kind of thing: from _Running Linux_ to _Linux Administration Handbook_, and am still pretty befuddled. I was hoping for a simplified step by step cookbook. BTW, I googled around but found nothing about Mac OS 9 and printing, and nothing I could understand about file sharing with AppleTalk.

At least for two Linux boxes on a router, I thought it might be simpler than the books I was struggling with seemed to indicate.


David Riggs

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