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Re: [tlug] Networking with an ADSL Router

Hi David,

Did the 4 port router come with the Yahoo setup? I havent played with yahoo so Im not sure how they have it set up, but my guess is that if they provided that 4 port router, then it is working as a hide NAT firewall/router and it has a DHCP server which allocates your 3 machines their private IP addresses. Also it sounds like they are sticking to that subnet, so you could try assigning one of your machines a static IP address from that same subnet, then see if you still can access the internet. Thinking here is it might be easiest to set up your internal network filesharing if the internal machines are static IP, then you can set up your iptables & nfs easier.

Without static IPs you may have to set up some sort of name resolution so when your IP changes you can still find the share you want to mount, and that might be a pain. What I would personally do is set up one of those debian boxes as your firewall / Internet gateway, use that to do hide NAT for your internal network, and then just assign static IPs to the rest of the machines and NFS should be pretty easy then. Dont know about OS9 though.


Scott VanDusen

2006-03-28 (火) の 12:51 +0900 に David Riggs さんは書きました:
I have a YahooBB adsl connection and a four port router with two 
Debian/Sarge and one Mac OS 9 boxes, all accessing the net without 
problem. I see my addresses are something like 192.168.0.x where x 
varies from time to time when I have to rerun dhclient after the adsl 
connection dies.

Can I use NFS to share files among these local boxes (including, hope 
against hope, the Mac OS 9), and access the print server (hooked up to a 
brainless printer) on one of the Debian boxes?

Is yes, then can anyone recommend a good Blow by Blow account for a 
Network Newbie?


David Riggs, Kyoto

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