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[tlug] [Off-Topic] Translation of Webcomic into Japanese

Apologies in advance for the (mostly) off-topic nature of this post.

I am working on translating a webcomic from English to Japanese, and I
am looking for a native speaker of Japanese who would be willing to go
over my translation and correct places where it sounds un-natural.

I am doing the translation on a volunteer basis, so I would not be
able to offer you any money. I will, however, happily buy your beer at
nomikai. :)

If any TLUG-dwelling Nihonjin are interested, please contact me off-list.

And to pull a Jonathan Byrne, this post is suitable for TLUG because I
use XML for the text catalog that holds the original English text and
the translated Japanese text. So it's like, i18n, and stuff! Yeah...


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