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[tlug] IDE-USB & Dead Dell Dimension-C

First, the information that might be of use to someone - I bought one of those IDE-to-USB adapters in Akihabara last week (I haven't tested it yet though) at that shop mentioned in here previously - unfortunately I lost the receipt (hopefully the device works okay), but there was a piece of paper in the bag with the name:

HAMADA PC USEFUL - 03-5298-6905

The device itself is:

IDE-USB2.0 simple
Model No. UD-301S  (or maybe UD-30IS)
Timely Computer Products

Actually, there are different models - I bought a cheap one that only works with desktop hard drives, a more versatile (and more expensive) model is (taken from the Timely website):


対応規格:S-ATA、S-ATA2(※USB2.0接続のためSATA転送速度の理論値では動作し ません) 付属品:AC-DC電源変換アダプタ(5/12V-2A)、S-ATA用電源ケーブル、ドライバ CD、取扱説明書

オープン JANコード

Now - for the information that probably no one is interest in:

One of my infamous Dell Dimension-C's (Hello Dell - I'm angry with you for marketing that piece of junk!) has suddenly died. It was in the hard-usage mode of sitting on the floor *off*, but with the power cord plugged in... apparently that's too much work for a Dell Dimension-C and it has died. No BIOS, no "Mmmm" no "Zzzzz" no "Click-click-click" no nothing. Just the mother board LED is on, which shows the mother board has power, but otherwise it's dead. I wonder if the bad capacitor issue killed it?

The one remaining Dimension-C I have I've now unplugged and will only take the highly risky chance of giving it AC when I need to (very seldom) actually use it. Dell, uramu yo! Grrrrrrrr!!!


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