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[tlug] Theo de Raadt to speak in Tokyo on Tues. May 2nd

The proposed speaker for Tues May 2 (7-9pm) 
is Theo de Raadt He's visiting 
Tokyo briefly, and this day (in the middle of 
Golden Week) is the only day he's available to speak. 

Last year, he was awarded the 2004 Free Software Foundation 
award for recognition as founder and project leader of the 
OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects.

He would like to talk about "Exploit Mitigation Techniques" 
but he can really talk about anything related to OpenBSD, 
OpenSSH, Open Source or Security in general. 

Theo has been described as "rather outspoken",  "lacking 
in social graces", "completely undiplomatic", and "often 
has many bad things to say about *everything* else, so 
he's rather unpopular". 

If this is treated as a regular Tokyo PC meeting, the 
meeting charge will be 1,000 yen (to try to cover 
part of the room rental fees). 
There is a small possibility that the meeting will be 
held in a public facility and meeting charge will be free. 
It's also possible that the meeting could be moved to 
a slightly earlier time slot, like 6-8pm. 

We need to get an idea of how many people are likely 
to attend.  If any TLUG members are interested, please 
email president <at> soon! 

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