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Re: [tlug] "Omotesando Hills"

Ian Wells wrote:

>On 14/03/06, Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:
>>Completely off-topic, but just in case anyone is interested in and/or
>>hasn't been to the new Omotesando Hills complex in... er... Omotesando
>>(up the hill from Harajuku Station), I posted some photos that I took
>>there yesterday - here:

>Bad Lyle, taking pictures inside when there are signs everywhere
>saying not to...
>Other than that, very nice ;-)

Thanks.  About signs - I didn't see any!  Really!  Maybe they took them
down?  When did you go there?  I did walk into the complex feeling
somewhat nervous about taking pictures, having in mind the recent
anti-photography movement where if you take out a camera in just about
any building, a security guard comes and up and says "No pictures", but
once inside, I noticed that other people were taking pictures, so... I
nervously took a couple - and happily no guards came up and the people
around me were also taking pictures, so I gleefully took some more....

When I read this message, I thought "Who sent this... Ian..." and then I
got a mental video playback of you at the Art Tyde meeting with your
very nice looking digital SLR camera on the table... "Ah... Ian was at
Omotesando Hills - he wanted to take pictures - he was prevented from
doing so - and then he sees that bugger Lyle took some - no doubt he
thought 'What the...' as visions of photos not taken danced in his
head."  I really didn't see any signs Ian - where were they?


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