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Re: [tlug] hello from a new / old member

>>>>> "Edward" == Edward Middleton <> writes:

    Edward> I guess if you have a static IP, I have given up hard
    Edward> coding semi-dynamic ip's into firewall rules because your
    Edward> ip inevitably changes at a time when you don't have
    Edward> physical access.

Any number of ways to get around that.

    >> I've also had keys compromised (not personally, but people who
    >> needed access to one of my machines).  Fortunately my system
    >> was not vulnerable to the rootkit du jour.

    Edward> Passwords can be compromised or weak, and for a password
    Edward> you don't necessarily have to compromise any of the client
    Edward> machines to get them.

I wasn't suggesting relying on passwords.  I was suggesting not
relying on keys if you don't need to.  Don't chain the door before
opening it; just don't open the door at all.

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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