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Re: [tlug] Wine...

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
> I just did a Google search for "Does wine actually work?", which led to 
> 27,800,000 responses - the leading ones all about a certain alcoholic 
> beverage.  I don't care if nobody answers this, but I'm tossing this 
> onto the list out of curiosity - is anyone actually having success using 
> Wine?  
Yep, I've been using it since 2000 to play half-life on Linux (wasn't
till late 2001 that I got it to work stably. Before
reached 1.0 I occasionally used it when I had to open MS doc using
Word97 and Excel97 - thankfully that is no longer necessary.

Before I discovered Mnemosyne (formally pymemaid) I ran supermemo 7 (or
something like that) on wine, as well as a couple of old Windows 3.1 and
95 games that didn't have emulators under Linux.

Before switching to Gentoo, setting up wine as always a bit of a
struggle, but I haven't had to so anything other than "emerge wine" to
get it work with the things I use - although it sometimes crashes at
random intervals for no discernible reason, but I think that's just wine
trying to emulate Windows BSOD :)


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