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Re: [tlug] Wine...

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On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 09:39:56AM +0900, Josh wrote:
> On 06/03/06, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon <> wrote:
> > I just did a Google search for "Does wine actually work?",
> Ask Scott what happens when you search for:
> CUPS japanese

> :)

chanoyu anyone?

> Wine definitely works. A lot of people use it (and some even swear by it).

I think he meant the Linux program, not as a cure for sorrow.  :)

> The caveat? *Once you get it set up*, Wine works. The getting it set
> up part is a major PITA. Godwin, Scott, got a guide on this?

Seriously, some of the Just Works(TM) distros come with it already
installed.  It works with some but not all programs.  

There is also, and Lyle, as one of your main reasons for Linux is to
avoid MS when possible, this might be worth it for you, CrossOver office
which is sort of a commercial Wine.  You can try it free for either 30
or 60 days, after that, they ask you to pay for it.   I believe the cost
is 60 dollars. 

It has a list of programs that work perfectly, sort of work, and don't
work.  :) 

MS Office works, most of the Adobe stuff works.  Unfortunately, the two
MS programs that ~I~ need, Accuterm and Nortel's VPN client don't really
work.  Accuterm sort of works, and Nortel's client won't even install. 

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