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Re: [tlug] Wine...

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
> I just did a Google search for "Does wine actually work?", which led to 
> 27,800,000 responses - the leading ones all about a certain alcoholic 
> beverage.  I don't care if nobody answers this, but I'm tossing this 
> onto the list out of curiosity - is anyone actually having success using 
> Wine?  I installed it and then went through the motions of installing 
> some applications written for brand-W, including the Random House 
> dictionary, ACDSee and (not needed, but just to test Wine) a simple text 
> editor.  The result?  All installed, and none work.  Both ACDSee and 
> Random House act as though they are going to open, but then just crash 
> and vaporize.  I'm using Wine version 0.9.9.  It's not yet version 1.0 
> for good reason I'd say!  Again, it's not important, so if you're busy, 
> then never mind, but if you have any information you don't mind tossing 
> into the wires, I'd be interested in reading it.
It is usually a problem of configuration.  Wine will emulate most
versions of windows but not all features of windows.  It is possible to
work around this by using native libraries for the incomplete components
but this is not for the faint hearted and is probably prohibited by your
windows EULA.


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