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Re: [tlug] real content as opposed to half-baked tutorials

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Josh Glover wrote:

> Safari[1] is much better, anyway; I am quite pleased with it. The only
> drawback for me is that I prefer dead trees for books that I really
> *read* (as opposed to the ones that I just use as reference
> materials). Safari is great for reference.

I use d/load credits to d/load the chapters I want to read and print them 
out on real paper. Then if some miscreant jostles me on the train and I 
drop the stuff in the mud, or if I drop shabu-sauce on some of the pages 
no problem -- I just print it out again. The price for most books (at $2 
per chapter) works out just about the same if you buy it in Japan (or have 
Amazon ship it) versus if you elect to d/load every chapter. But the 
upside is that you can read the introductory stuff online and only d/load 
the chapters that you really do want to print onto dead trees.

Safari rocks...

Joe Larabell -- Synopsys VCS Support      US:   Japan: larabell@?jp

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