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Re: [tlug] Alternatives to Spamassassin?

On 木, 2005-09-29 at 12:05 +0900, Michael Smith wrote:
> Running spamassassin (spamd, actually) is chewing up a massive
> amount of memory on my low-memory mail/web server. Can anybody
> recommend a less resource-hungry solution?
> I run exim4, so would prefer something that plays well with that.
> But I can switch to another MTA if needed.

When I was administering our mail server, I did not run the spamd
daemon. I set up SpamAssassin to be called by MailScanner. MailScanner
would scan each message for viruses (viri?) as it came in, call
SpamAssassin, and then put the message in the appropriate queue for
delivery. We only had about 60 or so users, but the mail server was an
old PentiumPro with about 128MB of memory. Running MailScanner and
SpamAssassin this way never produced delays in delivering mail of more
than a couple of seconds each.

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