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Re: [tlug] dropping apache requests

If you want to drop a network request as if you never received it, then you're looking at not accepting the TCP connection, presumably?  Given that's the case, you're rejecting it on the basis of IP address?  (Since that's about all the information you get at that point.)

Not that I have the answer, just clarifying the question...

On 9/22/05, Nguyen Hung Vu < > wrote:
--- Brett Robson < > からのメッセー
> Hi all,
> Back all tanned from a 10 days of sun, beer, sun,
> beer and great food in
> Thailand (and with a broken tooth and infected cut
> on my foot).

Infected? xD.

> Back to work...
> Anyone know a way of dropping a request in Apache as
> if you never
> received it, ie not even sending a 403 page back.
> The only way I can
> think of doing it is at the network level or via
> iptable (etc), which is
> not an option.

I am not sure I understand your question fully. What to
you want apache to do when you get an unwanted request?

I just think mod_rewrite + mod_setenvif would do the job.


Vu Hung

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