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Re: [tlug] dropping apache requests

>>>>> "Brett" == Brett Robson <> writes:

    Brett> Anyone know a way of dropping a request in Apache as if you
    Brett> never received it, ie not even sending a 403 page back. The
    Brett> only way I can think of doing it is at the network level or
    Brett> via iptable (etc), which is not an option.

I think it would help if you'd explain why you want to do this, and
why doing it at the network level is not an option (if it's
administrative, you don't need to be more specific, but if it's
technical, maybe it's possible).

As you must know, by the time Apache has enough information about the
request to decide to blow it off, you've already been through the HTTP
handshaking.  So you can't pretend you're not listening.

If you're trying to work around administrative restrictions, here's an
evil idea that might convince the PHB's they do want to filter at the
door.  Spoof Google (or the PHB's personal home page ;-).  Ie, slurp
out some keywords, query Google, and forward the Google page back.

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