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Re: [tlug] dropping apache requests

--- Brett Robson <> からのメッセー
> Hi all,
> Back all tanned from a 10 days of sun, beer, sun,
> beer and great food in
> Thailand (and with a broken tooth and infected cut
> on my foot).

Infected? xD. 

> Back to work... 
> Anyone know a way of dropping a request in Apache as
> if you never
> received it, ie not even sending a 403 page back.
> The only way I can
> think of doing it is at the network level or via
> iptable (etc), which is
> not an option.

I am not sure I understand your question fully. What to
you want apache to do when you get an unwanted request?

I just think mod_rewrite + mod_setenvif would do the job.


Vu Hung

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