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Re: [tlug] Questions about specifications for some cutting edge video recording via laptop

10.9.2005 kello 11:28, Josh Glover kirjoitti:
  On 9/10/05, Dave Gutteridge <> wrote:
>> Ah... this is very helpful. What do you mean when you say "control
>> protocol"? Is this in reference to a hardware driver, or software 
>> code...?
> He means the sequence of bits that are sent across the FireWire link
> to control the camera. This is basically what a driver does, provides
> software control of a hardware device by means of a protocol.
> Any control protocol can be reverse-engineered, if you have the time
> and technical ability.

Dave, just a coupla things from the top of my head.

1. Connecting 3 DV streams on one bus is probably un-possible with 
I seem to recall an Apple article...

2. The actual DV control protocol (to control the DV camera or any DV 
should be a standard. Sorry to say I'm not knowledgeable about the linux
iee1394 api's or DV libraries.
Doing that research is probably your first task before deciding on the 
(As a sidenote, Apple has this in Quicktime, and you can make your 
custom camera
control/video recording app in Cocoa fairly easily... but only for one 
DV stream at a time..)

3. Is there any reason you can't just tape what you want and then 
transfer the footage
from each camera to the laptop in succession and edit it there ?

Good luck ;-)

Henri T Servomaa
  ..yes me Finn but me Ragga Muffin..

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