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Re: [tlug] Linux Laptop

patrick wrote:

>So.. I was thinking about picking up a 2nd hand laptop on the auctions
>and wanted to know if anyone could suggest a certain model or maker that
>is well suited to linux. I won't buy anything too old, but i don't
>really want to spend much more than 80,000 either, if i can get away
>with it. 
>Any and all advice will be appreciated.

If you're willing to spend up to Y80,000, you should be able to pick up 
a squeaky new laptop from either Dell, EpsonDirect, or HP.  You have to 
time it right for the lowest prices on new equipment, but - unlike 
desktop computers - a laptop is much more of a unit, so if you lose the 
screen or keyboard, for example, then it's a much more serious problem 
than with a desktop.  I think used computers are a great option when 
buying a desktop, but laptops are another story.  Of course, with a 
squeaky new machine, I suppose drivers are more of an issue....


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