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Re: [tlug] Some interesting work.

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:21:03 +0900, Patrick Niessen
<> wrote:>
> I doubt it would be useful to run two or more OSs in parallel on an
> ARM or Motorolla processor on small devices ....

It depends on the problem and the solution that you're attempting to
achieve. Perhaps you might only need a device driver from one OS to
support an application in another OS. Or perhaps you need a
distributed environment imported from one OS to   extend your Linux

> The alternative approach is to just pick an existing free technology
> (=linux) and team up with your competitors to make this the standard
> low cost platform.  I believe Docomo et al are trying something like
> this for cell phones.

Yes, you can do that but why limit your options?
But if it works for you then use it. *grin*


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