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Re: [tlug] Some interesting work.

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 13:44:35 +0900, Uva Coder
<> wrote:
> Well, I ran across these two sites and found them interesting. I
> thought I'd share them. They both would make for interesting KuroBox
> projects. ;)

Well as a recent VMWare GSX Server user I see the benefits of
virtualisation for Servers, and to some extend for powerful Desktops,
but considering the poor hardware spec of embedded devices I think the
mentioned products/projects will mainly benefits OEMs who want to
deliver the same hardware to customers who use different OSs (eg.
deliver the same box to Sony and Philips, and Sony will put PocketPC
OS on it, and Philips uses Symbian before selling it to consumers).

I doubt it would be useful to run two or more OSs in parallel on an
ARM or Motorolla processor on small devices ....

The alternative approach is to just pick an existing free technology
(=linux) and team up with your competitors to make this the standard
low cost platform.  I believe Docomo et al are trying something like
this for cell phones.

Patrick Niessen

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