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[tlug] New User for TLUG

Hi everybody
This is my firs letter to TLUG
OK, let me start ;-)
My Name is Nelu Mudreac
I arrived in Japan 2 years ago and working in 100% Japanese logistic 
transportation company with only one foreigner it is me :-(.
In my company I have nothing to do with Linux and General with IT   :-((
I am Linux User from 1999 but started in 1994 with RH 4.
I came from Eastern Europe small country name Moldova where I am 
president of just new open non profit foundation
I use Gentoo Linux and I am developer for 
Internationalization Documentation team. Romanian Team Lider.
In this year I hope to finish my PhD in IT management in Economic 
Academy Bucharest Romania
I speak Romanian, Russian, English and understand some Japanese
So this was about me.
I am interested in more collaboration with TLUG and be part of TLUG as 
long I am in Japan.
PS: Some NFO about VoIP using Asterisk check this link

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