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[tlug] VoIP phones and telephony cards for Linux


Benjamin Kowarsch gave a great talk in July about VoIP using Asterisk.
Since then he has tracked down a manufacturer in China who has telephony
cards that will work with Linux and Asterisk.  Benjamin, would like to
know if any TLUGers are interested in getting one of these modems?

The cards will be, depending upon the quantities ordered, between 2000
and 3000 yen inclusive of shipping, duties and consumption tax.
Digium (the sponsors of Asterisk) sells similar cards for 99.95 USD.

In addition to the telephony cards, Benjamin, is putting together a
combined order for some of the IP telephones used in his demonstration.

The phones will go for the special price of 14500 yen.
"ACT's Japanese office sells those for 24000 yen and samples for 18000  

Also, if enough people are interested in buying the cards he has brought up
a good idea of having an Asterisk install workshop.

So if any of you are interested you can mail Benjamin at and of course talk about it on the list.


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